Soft Tooling

Soft Tooling

Meeting Your Soft Tooling Requirements

Beza has industry leading expertise in patternmaking and engineering, and we extend this knowledge to perform soft tooling for all kinds of customers and industries. We use the best materials and equipment to produce moulds for a huge variety of needs, and we do it quickly and efficiently.

Beza Patterns also prides itself on helping our customers to meet their budgetary requirements. By utilising our extensive experience in product fabrication, you are getting the benefits of cost efficiency and fast turnaround that comes with precise product prototyping and component manufacturing.

Modern Materials and Efficient Equipment

At Beza, we are always reviewing the equipment we use, as well as our fabrication materials to ensure they are always up to date. We know our customers want efficient service to meet very specific requirements and purposes, and this carries over to our soft tooling production as well our other fabrication and design work.

By using materials like ABS plastic, resin, silicon, polyurethane and polypropylene, Beza is able to manufacture components to a wide variety of needs while keeping to our customers' standards and expectations.

Beza can also perform aluminium machining. We can produce enhanced heat treated aluminium alloys to increase the life of a pattern or mould, allowing more components to be produced from it. These alloys can also easily accommodate design changes for iterating components to evolving requirements.

Solutions for Any Industry

Beza Patterns has worked with many businesses and organisations from all types of industries to perform design and fabrication tasks. Our precision machining has been implemented by companies from industries representing:

For the best and most flexible soft tooling and component design, call Beza Patterns on +61 (03) 9763 1030 or submit an online enquiry form.

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