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Beza Patterns has a large range of plastic moulding and metal forming capabilities. By utilising equipment such as our Delcam PowerInspect CAD software, Kasuga CNC centres and a Cimcore handheld scanner, we can perform many operations including:

  • CAD/CAM design. We can put together exacting 3D modelling of almost any design. Plus our CAD software capabilities means we can accept pre-existing designs in any file format.
  • Digital scanning utilising a state of the art Cimcore handheld scanner. This tool can be used in the 3D modelling of objects of any size or shape.
  • Product prototyping and product development. Our pattern makers are highly skilled in all kinds of design work, from simple product prototyping to more complex crafting by our highly qualified pattern makers.
  • Visual aids and campaign development for the advertising industry. We often assist in product development and creating point of sale displays for the purposes of campaign development.
  • Soft and hard tooling. Our pattern makers can assist in the design and manufacturing of tools for many different industries, such as automotive manufacturers.
  • Custom checking fixtures and gauges. We make fast, simple and accurate checking fixtures and gauges.
  • CAD/CAM Foundry Patterns and Coreboxes
Customer Focus

Customer Focus

By working with Beza Patterns, you get a team of patternmakers who fully understand the needs of all types of businesses. If you have a commercial design that needs further product development or a landscape concept examined by our architectural model makers, we are the right people for you.

From advertising campaign development to complex 3D modelling using our handheld scanner, our staff are the best in the business.

When you need expertise in product prototyping or a team of highly skilled pattern makers,just call Beza Patterns on +61 (03) 9763 1030, or submit one of our helpful online enquiry forms.

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