Product Prototyping

Product Prototyping

Your Product Prototyping Specialists

Product prototyping is a significant phase of the development program of any component or commercial concept. Iterating an idea, and in some cases short run initial manufacturing, requires development of short run moulding or press patterns in order to create manufacture-ready parts.

Soft Tooling to Adapt to Your Requirements

Initial product prototyping allows designers to get an approximation of the look and feel of a new design. Rapid injection moulding can then be used for fast fabrication in a range of materials, allowing designers to test how new items stand up in use in terms of:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Heat tolerance
  • Fit-for-purpose

This short run manufacturing can even create enough items for market testing. Soft tooling allows parts to be altered rapidly in response to flaws discovered during testing.

In addition, we can undertake product prototyping for many other purposes. Visual models which capture the design aesthetic but not its full functionality can be developed for presentations, packaging mock-ups and photographic purposes.

Assistance on All Aspects of Development

Beza Patterns can work with you throughout the development process, creating not only a range of functional models and visual aids, but assisting with initial concepts.

Our experienced staff are able to work from a range of technical and non-technical plans, with our in-house software capable of accepting most kinds of CAD files. Non-technical plans may include freehand sketches or even general concepts that are developed on-the-fly.

Regularly meeting the demand of a huge variety of industries, we work to strict development deadlines and within budget constraints. We provide full documentation, including quotations, order details, CAD document iterations and timing schedules.

For more information on Beza Patterns' many different capabilities, contact us today by calling +61 (03) 9763 1030, or by submitting an online enquiry form.

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