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Product Development

The Best in Product Development

Our capabilities in 3D modelling, design and prototyping mean that we can assist at every stage of product development, from origins through to manufacturing. Putting together an innovative design that can feasibly and economically be manufactured is both art and science, which is where we can help.

Whether you are in the early stages of putting together a component and lack a concise 3D design required for forming and moulding, or simply require a feasibility analysis, the team at Beza Patterns can assist.

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Presentations, Proof and Planning

Whether you're selling a concept, proving it or attempting to plan cost and timing of the full project, Beza can provide timely, cost-effective solutions.

Three-dimensional, lifelike visual aids can be manufactured to assist advertising and packaging companies in presentations. Affordable and realistic, we can re-create the look of a wide range of materials in lighter, portable plastics.

Prototyping is another of our core competencies; this important stage of realising a design allows you to prove and test before undertaking full-scale manufacturing.

Creativity and precise engineering is backed by full documentation, including detailed timing schedules and quotes to ensure you have complete confidence in the efficient management of your project.

Bring Your drawings to Beza

Our in-house software can accept all CAD input formats, allowing us to work with any drawings and manufacture visual aids and prototypes faster, as well as respond rapidly to changes as they occur throughout the product development process.

In addition, we offer 3D scanning, allowing you to rapidly reverse engineer existing items and parts without detailed design documentation.

For more information on how Beza can partner with you throughout the product development process, contact us today on +61 (03) 9763 1030, or submit an online enquiry form.

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