Plastic Prototypes

Plastic Prototypes

Fast and Reliable Plastic Prototypes

Our team of pattern makers are highly skilled at designing, developing and manufacturing mock ups for a huge variety of industries and purposes. We have extensive experience in assisting at bringing all kinds of concepts from mock up to market.

Beza's pattern makers utilise advanced in house Delcam CAD software to create accurate and adaptable three dimensional models that can be used to iterate your concept. By working with a virtual overview of your design, we can help you ensure your plastic prototypes will suit their function to exacting specifications.

Pushing the Envelope in Modelling and Manufacturing

If you have an existing mock up of your idea, but it is in need of refining, then our pattern makers can assist you with Beza's state of the art 3D scanning equipment. These tools are very accurate so they can detect high levels of intricacy in a design.

They are also handheld, which means they can be used to create virtual models of objects of any shape or size. Once scanned, we can reduce, enlarge or reshape a concept before producing an exact working model.

Quality Tools and Materials

We can make plastic prototypes in a wide variety of materials including polyurethane, polypropylene and other highly malleable acrylics. Beza has put together mock ups such as realistic looking glass bottles that are actually made from lightweight, unbreakable materials.

These models have been employed to enhance presentations for product designers and advertising agencies, as well as for working mock ups for companies including:

If you need to develop plastic prototypes quickly and within your budget, call Beza Patterns today on +61 (03) 9763 1030, or submit one of our helpful online enquiry forms.

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