Handheld Scanner

Handheld Scanner

Handheld Scanner

Our Handheld Scanner is Your Design Advantage

Beza prides itself on keeping our team of highly skilled pattern makers equipped with the latest and best product design equipment. Along with our advanced Delcam Powerinspect CAD software, we utilise a state of the art Cimcore handheld scanner.

Combining these two technologies means we can make virtual three dimensional models of objects of any shape, size or complexity. Our adavanced equipment outputs accurate computer mock ups that can be manipulated and refined before your design goes to the manufacturing stage.

The Most Up to Date Tools and Technology

Our advanced hardware and software capabilities can be put to use in a huge variety of applications. Beza's industry leading pattern makers have utilised our handheld scanner for purposes including:

  • Remodelling restoration car parts
  • Redesigning and refining product moulds of any shape or size.
  • Measuring the fit and conformance of existing auto components and parts.

As it is fully portable, our versatile tools can be taken to your location. So if you have a huge mould or component you need remodelling, we can help you without any inconvenience or hassle whatsoever.

Beza Patterns - For All Kinds of Reasons

Our team not only specialises in virtual modelling, but also has experience with a huge range of fabrication techniques across the field. We extend our capabilities through our Delcam CAD software, which allows us to accept any file format.

We also have expertise in aluminium machining, soft and hard tooling and product prototyping. Our team can perform other manufacturing for your business, such as developing and making fast and simple fixtures, gauges and foundry patterns.

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