Fixture & Gauges

Fixture And Gauges

Fast, Simple and Accurate Fixtures and Gauges

Verification of dimensional accuracy and fit of components in production is critical to in process quality control. Beza Patterns has industry leading expertise in developing fast, simple and accurate checking fixtures and gauges to meet the individual needs of the plastic moulding, wire forming and metal pressing industries.

We quickly produce custom checking equipment which is light and easy to handle while maintaining a very high degree of accuracy. Our checking gauges have been used to measure tolerances by many industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Marine manufacturers
  • Medical component makers

Rapid Response, Partners in Industry

Our advanced in-house CAD software means that we can accept almost any file type, ensuring fast production of gauges. This allows you to review designs in three dimensions and make adjustments as necessary before commencing manufacturing.

Our 3D scanning capabilities also allow us to reverse engineer products and parts. This means that we can create fixtures and gauges from prototypes and products where original documentation or diagrams are missing.

Beza Patterns is aware of the need for rapid response and accurate information when it comes to developing fixtures and gauges, so we work closely with you to develop solutions on time and within budget.

From Concept to Reality

Beza offers a full complement of design and patternmaking capabilities. As well as checking equipment, our team of highly skilled staff have partnered with industry to develop products such as plastic packaging, aluminium tools as well as many other designs.

For high quality custom checking equipment, as well as a huge variety of other pattern making and design capabilities, call Beza Patterns today on +61 (03) 9763 1030, or submit one of our helpful online enquiry forms.

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