1Does your company deliver Australia wide?

Yes. Beza manufactures for companies based in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania. Our pattern makers are proud to partner with companies all over Australia for the purposes of product development.

2 Can you assist with product design and development?

Yes. We have full CAD CAM design capabilities and offer a complete product design and development service from concept to completion. Our product prototyping team are industry leaders in product development, and are customer focused in the field of campaign development.

3 Do you repair or modify or repair fixtures and gauges?

Yes, in addition to making fixtures and gauges, our pattern makers are skilled in their repair and modification.

4Can you offer manufacturing of plastic prototypes and components?

Yes. We can supply plastic prototypes or components in low or high volumes. Our product prototyping is quick, efficient and cost effective.

5What materials do you use to manufacture soft tooling?

Aluminium, ureol, polyurethane representing ABS and polypropylene, as well as timber. We have full aluminium machining capabilities, silicon and resin soft tooling.

6Do you also provide hard tooling?

Yes. In addition to soft tooling our aluminium machining team can manufacture full scale press tooling, as well as fixtures and gauges.

7Can you provide metal stamping?

Yes. In addition to aluminium machining we can provide metal stamping up to a capacity of four hundred tonnes, including transfer presses.

8What industries does your company cover?

Automotive, building industries, aerospace, foundry patterns & coreboxes for both plastic and press metal components. We also have extensive experience work with advertisers on campaign development and point of sale displays.

9Do you perform 3D modelling?

Yes. We are fully equipped for 3D modelling. Using our handheld scanner, we can also perform high quality 3D scanning of real world objects, to input them into our advanced 3D modelling software.

10Do you make foundry patterns?

Yes. We have an excellent staff of skilled patternmakers to produce foundry patterns and coreboxes.

For the most reliable and cost effective team of pattern makers, call Beza Patterns on +61 (03) 9763 1030, or submit one of our helpful online enquiry forms. We are your partners in product design and development.

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