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About Beza Patterns

Pattern MakerBeza Patterns' vastly experienced pattern makers have worked with the plastic moulding, aluminium machining and metal forming industries for over 30 years.

Servicing a variety of industries including automotive, packaging, electronics, white goods and composite manufacturers, we use the most advanced CAD/CAM design and digital 3D scanning facilities to provide a fast, efficient product design and development service.

Not only do we manufacture plastic prototypes for use in product testing and in displays, we perform all types of soft tooling, including aluminium machining and creating fixtures and gauges for a wide range of industries.

Company history

We have always prided ourselves on providing the highest standard of quality services and parts to our customers, from major automotive manufacturers to advertising and packaging companies.

Beza Patterns has now entered a dynamic new phase of company development by becoming an integral part of the Metal Form Group. This allows Metal Form Group to provide a full service hard and soft tooling solution.

The Metal Form Group also services the automotive, packaging, electronics, white goods and composite manufacturing industries with metal cutting and pressing machines and a complete metal component design and production service.

Your partner in product design and development

From initial concept through to aluminium or plastic prototypes, we can assist at every step of product design and development. State-of-the-art software and hardware allows us to meet the demands of a diverse range of contracts, from precision milling to large format jobs.

To do this, we draw upon our in-house advanced software and digital 3D scanning equipment, along with the skills of pattern makers with extensive experience in soft tooling and aluminium machining.

We fully appreciate the need to produce to specific deadlines and within budget requirements, working with you to produce life-like plastic prototypes, accurate fixtures and gauges, 3D modelling documentation.

For more information on our capabilities in 3D scanning and soft tooling, or in creating plastic prototypes and fixtures and gauges, contact Beza Patterns on +61 (03) 9763 1030. We are your partners in product development.

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