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Expert Pattern Makers and Product Prototyping Professionals.

Effective product design and development in today's technology driven market means much more than simply engineering an idea into a tangible object. It means carefully preparing a concept so that it becomes not only useful to its target market, but also so that a design's form matches its function in its appeal to consumers.

Beza can assist you to reach your manufacturing objectives with our range of advanced fabrication services, including:

Up-to-date Technologies and Techniques

By utilising the latest in computer aided 3D modelling techniques, our expert pattern makers can help you with your product design and development. Our highly skilled team can assist you step by step, from refining your initial concept to turning it into a physical reality.

We use the latest tools for product prototyping, and have extensive experience with product design and development for industries such as the automotive and aviation sectors. We can also help advertising campaign development through our expertise in 3D modelling, which produces excellent quality articles for use in presentations or point of sale displays.

The Right Choice for Product Design and Development

handheld scannerBeza's state of the art product prototyping materials and technology means we can provide a huge range of innovative solutions to a broad range of fabrication requirements. Our pattern makers utilise up to date Delcam software so we can accept files from every kind of computer design platform, as well reverse engineer 3D modelling specifications from existing objects with our advanced Cimcore handheld scanner.

Beza performs all of its product design and development in house, so our customers can be assured they are dealing with a team that understands every aspect of the fabrication business. We have extensive experience in product prototyping and 3D modelling of concepts including:

  • Interior and exterior components for prototype cars.
  • Advertising materials such as point of sale and campaign development promotions.
  • Steering wheels from old cars in need of replacement.
  • Presentation props such as acrylic bottles which look just like real glass.

Our pattern makers' capabilities are virtually unlimited in what can be manufactured. We can perform 3D modelling of any shape and any size, and output high quality resin modules for campaign development or just about any use.

Fast, Simple and Accurate Checking Fixtures and Gauges

Our team of highly qualified pattern makers also extend their excellent engineering / GD & T knowledge to the manufacturing of fast and accurate checking fixtures and gauges. These precision tools are critical for verifying the dimensional properties and fit of components for the plastic moulding, wire forming and metal pressing industries.

These custom checking fixtures and gauges can be made for your exacting purposes. We pride ourselves on the reliability and ease of use of our fixtures and gauges.

High Quality Fabrication in Any Volume

Beza's pattern makers can not only output exacting 3D modelling for your needs, but also manufacture your components, tools or designs in any size run. We can work to your budget and delivery requirements to put together high quality components without any hassle to you.

When you need the most precise pattern makers for your product prototyping, 3D modelling or campaign development needs, call Beza Patterns on +61 (03) 9763 1030 or submit an online enquiry form.

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